Bryden McNamara (Massage therapist – Prospect and Dartmouth)

Bryden graduated from ICT Northumberland College in Halifax in 2019. His treatments focus on resolving excess tension and improving circulation to soft tissue. He works with each client to find the correct balance of pressure for their individual needs. He is proficient in identifying tissue disorders such as trigger points, hypertonicity and postural dysfunction. He uses a variety of massage techniques including: General Swedish Massage, Remedial Exercises, Myofascial Release, Hydrotherapy, Stretches and Deep Tissue Massage to address tissue disorders.


Bryden decided to pursue Massage Therapy while completing a Bachelor of Music at Acadia University. He became interested in how bad posture can affect the whole body. Bryden now helps others with thorough Massage Therapy treatments.

Bryden is available for appointments at our Prospect location, Monday and Wednesday, and our Dartmouth location, Tuesday and Friday. Please contact either location to book with Bryden.

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