(Physiotherapist / Owner – Quinpool Road)

In January 1994, Vanita Malhotra took ownership of Renova Physiotherapy Clinic – Armdale (Halifax). By January 2002, Classic Managed Care & Rehabilitation Services Inc. was born, with the focus on medico-legal assessments and industrial rehabilitation services. In the years that followed, Classic Physiotherapy and Work Rehabilitation expanded to include: five clinics: 4 in NS, one in NB, Community based OT and PT services including over 25 Long Term Care contracts; SCOT Kids: our therapists who are dedicated to working with children; OT services provided on a weekly basis for children of a Nova Scotia First Nation community; OT and PT services provided to our Veterans in their homes and in our clinics; Our NS clinics are Tiers 1 WCB approved; Our NB clinic is approved for all services by WSNB.


As well as overseeing the company operations and all that is involved in keeping such a growing network running smoothly, Vanita continues to practice as a physiotherapist, seeing clients on a daily basis.

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